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Sophie’s Tale 19

Sophie might be a tad more mercenary that I suspected. Then again, she’s running a game with her sister and Mom just to be at the convention, so maybe I should give her more credit, huh?

Have you figured out what Frank needed from Sophie in order to arrange her ghost hunting expedition?


BTW: We’re moving to once-a-week-on-Wednesdays just for this week and next week. October has turned into the usual mass of engagements, conventions, social bits and all sorts of fun stuff (with plenty of work in there, too!) and I didn’t get a chance to plan out the October strips yet. As such, doing one a week for these first 2 weeks will give me a chance to get caught up without losing too much sleep. Thanks for understanding!

Sophie’s Tale 18

Sophie, Sophie… bless her little heart. She’s still wanting to catch D2’s eye and all he can think about it Carson.

And speaking of Carson, can you guess what (or who) she’s changing into? Yes, it corresponds to Tuesday’s outfit.

Sophie’s Tale 17

Any guesses on who Carson is cosplaying in this panel? For those keeping track and looking for clues before she gets her time in the spot-light, we’ve seen her dressed as a pirate for Opening Night, and then we know she heads out as Diana from the D&D cartoon at some point this week, but what is she today?

And, in case it’s not clear, this is the morning after Sophie’s meeting with Frank at the NOPE headquarters.