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They’ve arrived! I bet there were some out there who doubted it would ever happen, but they are actually in Las Vegas, the scene of the Con. Whew!

Now that I’ve got them there, it’s time to take a little break to regroup and plan their next moves. Also, as I mentioned on my other comic, I moved a month ago and have unpacked very little plus have a deadline for a print submission hanging over my head. Strips will resume Tuesday, June 16. If I receive any fanart or guest strips, though, I’ll be happy to post them. Direct all submissions to randomactscomics[at]gmail[dot]com.

See you in 2 weeks!

Getting There 19

I’m fairly certain Carson was referring to the silicone description, not the creepy one. Just for clarity’s sake 😉 But, as always, things may not be as they seem, so stay tuned til Thursday for (as they say) the rest of the story.