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Getting There 2

It’s always good to have at least one friend with a really large vehicle suitable for road trips, etc. And, in my experience, it seems the girl with the most stuff to bring better be the one willing to drive! (or, at least, very generous with the gas money)

And, yes, next week we get to meet our fourth and final main character–can they really all be main characters? Maybe core ensemble would be more appropriate? At any rate, you’ll get to know about the last of the foursome and then we’ll get to the ‘serious’ business of the Road Trip.

Getting There 1

Because it starts with the packing…

You know, you can tell a lot about a person by what–and how–they pack. Hopefully that last panel will give you a clue about just what sort of geek Carson is. I had someone tell me, the other day, she was suspiscious of the new girl, that she didn’t seem geeky enough. Just goes to show that while I make no bones about using healthy doses of stereotypes for a variety of reasons, you can’t judge EVERY book (or character) by it’s cover. More will (always) be revealed.