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Pardon Our Dust!

Sooo… apparently some things went a little pear-shaped over at SoulGeek and, in an effort to make things easier on them I’ve moved the site off their network and will be self-hosting it for the duration. Thankfully they were able to patch the hole and not lose too much but it still sucks to have any part of your site messed with, ya know?

At any rate, we’re still on hiatus. I know! I was thinking it would only be for the Summer, too, but drawing pages for the cookbook is taking *way* more time than I expected. There is an end in sight, of course, and every day I’m getting closer to being able to come back to you and the girls–there’s lots more story to tell and I aim to tell it!

In the mean time, if you’ll be in or around Lexington, KY, the weekend before Thanksgiving (aka Saturday, November 20) check us out at UP!Fair–click the link for more details. Important: it’s free and it’ll be cool. And I’m planning to have the first WTGA mini comics!!! Wohoo! You’ve asked for them & soon you’ll be able to get the first few chapters in dead tree form. Yay!

Whatever’s left when we get back I’ll make available for ordering so watch this spot! (or, well, the ones above it. or, depending on your RSS preferences, wherever we end up in that list. you know what I mean.)