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Learning Las Vegas 32

One of the other bits of intel I discovered about Mr Rickman was that his degree is in design and he had his own firm before pursuing acting full-time. So it just makes me wonder what a British designer would think of the hotels on the Vegas Strip? Would they be impressed with the level of themeing or absolutely aghast at the colors and tackiness kitsch everywhere?

Learning Las Vegas 31

What do you think will happen first: Archer will have an aneurysm or I’ll stop making silly movie references?

Well, I think this is all of the Rickman-related references, unless I think of some more for the next month of strips that have yet to be scripted. Though, honestly, I don’t plan to and we may be seeing the end of Rickman’s guest-role here at ‘Geeks. After all, Carson and Trina haven’t been getting much screen-time, lately. Gotta keep things equal so expect to see more of them very soon.

Learning Las Vegas 27

While doing research about Rickman I found one place where he was quoted that he liked America because (paraphrasing) he didn’t have to be as polite and we had Amusement Parks. It sorta changed how I approached this portion of the script. If you’re a fan of his work (as I am), I hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming strips and the references that will be made.