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Meredith’s Tale 28

I know at the end of last week it looked like it might have gone straight to√ā¬†smoochieville for these two, but no. They will remain unkissed for the time being.

This actually wraps up our focus on Meredith for the time being. Starting next week we’ll find out what Sophie’s been up to the past couple of days and so forth, before giving Angie and Carson their time in the spotlight.

Meredith’s Tale 27

I have a pet peeve when being asked out (or, well, had–not much “asking out” goes on in long-term relationships, though it still goes for friend meet-ups): “Let’s do something.” It’s ambiguous. It usually leads to the equally annoying “What do you want to do/see/eat? I don’t know, what do you want to do/see/eat?” conversations.

If you’re doing the asking or suggesting, have a plan. Give it some thought before you just toss it out there! I get that you want to be open and accommodating, or maybe you don’t know exactly what the other person would like. In those cases, come up with some options: 2 different restaurants/movies/etc. (no more than 3 though–too many options is not a good thing) and give them a choice.

But have a plan. Always have a plan.

(Thus ends my soapbox on interpersonal relationships. Oh, who am I kidding, this whole comic is a soapbox on interpersonal relationships!)