Opening Night 36

This is the part of Meredith that comes straight from my personality: easy to overwhelm, ready to call it a night early. Sigh…

(For the record, that’s not self-insertion, that’s just writing. All characters have a little bit of me in them, that’s how I can write them! Even the bad habits and surly attitudes, it’s a nice vent, lol!)

So, this wraps up the Opening Night story-line! Woot! Of course, now I need to spend some time plotting what happens next so we’ll have a bit of a break (2 weeks I’m thinking) before we pick back up on Meredith and follow her around a bit 🙂 In the mean time, don’t be surprised if some sketches and such show up here while I’m plotting 🙂

ALSO! I’ll be at MegaCon March 12-14, Orlando, Florida, Orange Co Convention Center. If you’re at the Con, come see me in Artist’s Alley (Yellow #8, I’m listed as Jennifer Walker if you forget the table number)!