Months, Years, Timey Wimey Hiatus End!

Please pardon this unusual breaking of the fourth wall, but I have an announcement to make:

What to Feed Your Raiding Party is finished!

As in: all done, in print, in people’s hands, and even on the shelves of my local comics shop, DONE!

Which means that I can finally come back and resume the story of our intrepid foursome at Geekathon X (and beyond).

Sure, part of me wanted to wait until I had a few weeks’ buffer before I announced the return, but you folks have been patient enough (more than!) and I just saw no reason to extend the wait. Things may be a little shakey as we get back on our feet, here, (and I dig out my notes as to what’s going to happen next), but I want you to know–and believe me!–that I’m committed to this story.

And, before I get too far away from it:

I’m Sorry.

Dear Cthulhu was I clueless about how long that book was going to take. Seriously, I had no idea. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I truly hope I’ve learned my lesson (several of them) about time management and the like. Hopefully this means I’ll be able to apply such lessons to these projects, too.

(And, hey, 2 years spent drawing other things seems to have improved my art. But we’ll just see about that–after all, I had to remind myself of how our girls looked for panel 1!)

For those of you who’ve hung in there: thank you. I hope you enjoy what lies ahead.