Meredith’s Tale 8

Panel 1:
Meredith typing into her cell phone “I suppose I could be persuaded.”

Panel 2:
Archer’s Reply: Cool.

Panel 3:
Archer’s Next Text: Meet @ Front Ent @ 12:30?

Panel 4:
Meredith looking… shocked? scared? surprised?

Archer’s just the straight to the point, lose the extra vowels kinda guy, isn’t he?

And I’m afraid you’ll have to way until Tuesday the 27th to find out what Panel 4 is all about–a week from Saturday my baby brother is getting married to his high school sweetheart. Yes, yes, very aww and cute. For this occasion I am temporarily coming out of cake retirement to do both the wedding and groom’s cakes so will be baking the wedding tiers all of next week’s evenings and then heading down to the beach Thursday and baking the groom’s layers down there.

Comics will resume the last week of April and, hopefully, I’ll be inking again by then!!! Of course, since the wedding cake requires rolling out a LOT of fondant… we’ll say 50/50.