Meredith’s Tale 6

That would have me sleepin’ on the couch, too!

Just pencils but at least it’s up. The tendonitis in my thumb/wrist (& maybe elbow) is still very unhappy with me and it’s difficult enough to pencil–inks are out of the question right now.

But because it might be hard to read, here’s a transcript to help:

Panel 1:
SOPHIE: (rubbing eyes) huh?

Panel 2:
MEREDITH: (pointing off panel) the strange girl sleeping on the other couch?

Panel 3:
STRAGER sleeping
SOPHIE: (off panel) oh, that’s rosey–trina said she could crash here
MEREDITH: (off panel) so why isn’t she sharing the loft?

Panel 4:
SOPHIE: ’cause trina sleeps NAKED!