Meredith’s Tale 11

Wow, look at that: Ink!

Apparently all I had to do was threaten my hand with a trip to the doctor and it started to clear right up. Mostly (there were some twinges while I was working but it’s much improved).

Now, for the record, one should always be wary of accepting rides to unknown places in unknown cities with virtual strangers. This strip is in no way meant to make light of abductions or the very real possibility that everyone is not what they seem. At the same time–this is a comic and it’s meant to be funny, this isn’t the kind of story where horrible horrible things happen just to happen.

Granted, I tend to meet my strangers in a public place via my own transportation but I’ve done plenty of other stupid, potentially dangerous (but 100% legal) things during my club/dating years that I walked away from unscathed and with a good story or two. I suppose I’m lucky that way (though I no longer wish to test that theory).

Bottom line: Be safe out there, ‘kay?